Generally speaking, the first operation to be carried out on a hydraulic system is the analysis of the hydraulic oil, which is performed by taking a sample and analysing it by using special machinery.

It is not always necessary to change the hydraulic oil supply in systems. It is often sufficient to simply filter it to remove any impurities. These are factors that can seriously risk damaging hydraulic components, such as valvesand pumps, and which preserve the system as a whole.

Benefits that can be expected when using OilSafe filtration systems

  • Doubling of fluid life and consequent economic purchase-related advantages

  • Reduction of costs due to oil changes and its disposal, which significantly prolongs its life if well-filtered, achieving consequential ecological benefits

  • Extension of the system component revision times

  • Elimination of the periodic maintenance activities involving tank emptying and cleaning

  • Significant reduction of annual costs relating to extraordinary maintenance operations carried out on machinery

  • Significant reduction of downtime due to hydraulic oil contamination-related failures

  • Longer life of main filters and all system components

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