Technical data
Max. Flow Rate (l/min)Up to 800
Max. pressure (bar)22
Installed Capacity: (kW)15
Temperature (°C)40
Pipes Being Processed4+4
PipesWith a large diameter, up to 8 inches, allowing the greatest possible flow rate
N. ReynoldsRe>4000
Fluid usedWater-based, low viscosity fluid (<10 cSt)

The multi-station flushing benches have beendesigned for a more efficient internal cleaning of pipes (of both a flexible and rigid nature). They are designed according to the customers’ technical specifications in order to guarantee optimal situations of turbulence and adequate flushing processes. This system is extremely easy to use: the operator positions the pipes to be flushed out onto the cones, he/she pneumatically fastens them down and enters the indicative diameter and length of the mounted pipes using the user-interface keyboard.

This system enables excellent performances, the utmost cleanliness, extremely-high turbulence in order to remove stubborn dirt and high Reynolds numbers.

Reduced processing time thanks to the

  • Multi-head systems

  • Automatic systems

The multi-head design feature enables

  • A clockwise flushing flow

  • An anti-clockwise flushing flow

  • Air-blowing flushing jet

  • Highly-efficient off-line filter

  • Effective flushing provided by the air-blowing jet, pre-filtering as from 20 µm and post-filtering as from 0.1 µm.

Optional features available

  • Number of workstations other than 4 required depending on specific needs

  • Customised filtering system

  • Verification unit of the level of cleanliness of the fluid used with an on-line check performed via a particle counter

  • Heating of the flushing fluid

  • Electrical/electronic management unit via PC, where a flushing report is issued specifying the various test parameters as well as the level of cleanliness of the fluid used.

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