About us

Meeting the most demanding challenges is what we do best, turning our customers’ ideas into reality is our passion.

Our company has been operational for approximately 25 years and we are one of the pioneers in Italy within the filtration sector. Alessandro Campi, our founder and current CEO, undertook a path that, at that time, was unknown of, which enabled the company to thrive and to embrace new challenges.

We are active in two, apparently different fields, yet which are often combined:

  • The maintenance of large plants, mainly in the power generation and oil & gas sectors, specifically within the field of oil processing

  • The design and construction of oil processing systems, that we use also in activities regarding maintenance and hydraulic systems, mainly with (but not exclusively) test benches. In this area of activity, we have customers working in several different fields, both in the OEM sector as well as parts manufacturers active in the hydraulics, automotive and railway sectors.

  • In order to provide support to both sectors, we also have an internal oil analysis laboratory.

We consider ourselves to be the only sector-related company in Italy with a corporate organisation capable of effectively providing the customer with an all-round service, from the design and construction of a plant, right up to the provision of after-sales assistance.

With regards to maintenance, over 15 years ago, we were one of the first companies to propose advanced predictive maintenance systems within the large plants sector. Now, thanks to enabling technologies 4.0 and the new opportunities provided by such new technologies, the ideas we came up with at that time could finally become a reality.