Emilia Romagna is the region of Italy that has the highest concentration of top tier 2- and 4-wheeled vehicle manufacturers. In fact, there is an unique area nicknamed “Motor Valley” of which Modena is a key part. Belonging to this area has contributed to increasing OilSafe’s skills within the automotive sector and to developing a series of specific products/systems.

These are often systems that have little to do with hydraulics, as they use non-oil-based fluids, such as water/glycol mixtures, water additive discharges or fuels. In recent years, the development of hybrid units also in the automotive sector, has led OilSafe to extend its experience into this field.

Specific applications in the automotive sector

  • ATEX switchboards

  • Fuel supply and dosing systems for engine test cells

  • Thermoregulation systems for water/glycol mixtures and oils for hybrid units

  • Clutch bell lubrication unit

Other activities

  • Filtration systems for spot and off-line activities

  • Maintenance services

  • Oil analysis and instrument calibration laboratory

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