Hydraulic power units

Our company history started back in 1995 with the manufacturing of hydraulic power units.

Therefore, we are delighted to receive requests to manufacture units of many different kinds, in particular in all those cases in which a design or engineering activity is required to solve problems of any sort whatsoever.

Sectors for which we have manufactured hydraulic power units

  • Automotive sector

  • Oil & Gas sector

  • Mechanical engineering sector

  • Iron and steel-making sector

  • Power generation sector

Not only do we work in the oil hydraulic sector, but we also deal with the treatment of water/glycol mixtures for cooling systems, as well as in the pneumatic sector. The synergies deriving from the wide range of experiences in various sectors as well as several types of fluids enable us to propose technological solutions that are, at times, innovative and unexpected.

Types of power units manufactured by OilSafe

  • Power units to control operator test benches

  • Lubrication units

  • INOX and ATEX units for the Oil & Gas sector

  • Re-vamping of units for large presses

  • Re-vamping of units for the power generation sector

  • Cooling systems for hybrid units in the automotive sector

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