Cleanliness Cabinet

Technical data
Motor-pump flushing unit (l/min)Adjustable up to 95
Motor-pump gun washing unit (l/min)6
Max. working pressure (bar)40
Main pump electric power (kW)11
Fluid viscosity to be used (cSt)2-3
Reynolds No. achievable> 20.000
Max. rinsing pressure (bar)10
Laminar flow hoodTwo x 99.9995% @ 0.3 µm HEPA filters
Mesh number1 - 8

The Cleanliness Cabinet is a test bench that allows the extraction and analysis of mechanical component contaminants, combining the following systems for the very first time in a single machine:

  • A washing unit for the extraction and collection of contaminants;

  • An integrated image analysis system to test the extracted contaminants;

  • A data acquisition and remote communication system linked to the corporate network.

This functional test bench makes it possible to increase the efficiency of the test and to reduce costs relating to the assessment of the level of cleanliness of components and hydraulic, automotive and aeronautical sector-related systems. In addition, the test bench issues a certificate of conformity in accordance with ISO 16232 / VDA 19 standards.

Why choose the OilSafe Cleanliness Cabinet?

  • It is a unique, automated solution. It carries out an automatic internal process: extraction + drying + transport + analysis + data storage

  • There is the possibility to position the cabinet as machinery at the end of the production line

  • There is the possibility to carry out tests involving flushing operations (simulation mode)

  • No specialised operator is required

  • No cleanroom laboratory is needed