Maintenance services

OilSafe is a partner of the main turbine, iron and steel manufacturers as well as power generation plants. We have been chosen for the quality and the professionalism that we have gained over the course of 20 years of business and experience within this sector.

Our team is capable of carrying out a convenience analysis and proposing a cost reduction plan to transform maintenance into an opportunity to create value for your company.

Maintenance services provided by OilSafe

Cost reduction activities available

  • Extraordinary maintenance cost reduction

  • Extension of the service life cycle of fluids

  • Extension of the duration of critical components

  • Reduction of plant downtime costs

The methodology

In its capacity as a consolidated enterprise in the field of maintenance services, OilSafe blends methodology and professionalism, both monitoring and supporting the client step-by-step:

  1. Inspection and assessment of the business activity

  2. Verification of the plant/oil conditions carrying out the necessary laboratory tests aimed at suggesting the activities to be performed

  3. Intervention proposals and the definition of activity timeframes and methods (decided upon in accordance with the customer)

  4. Execution stage

  5. Reporting activities with post-processing laboratory tests