Our corporate history

  • 2020: Launch of Clean Cabinet
  • 2019: Purchase of a new warehouse alongside the significant expansion of the workforce
  • 2018: Oilsafe wins the Horizon 2020 tender for European Community innovation
  • 2013: Industrial and workforce expansion to support growth in the test bench sector
  • 2011: Creation of the two maintenance and test bench divisions
  • 2008: Transfer of the company to premises located at Via Toscanini, 209 - Modena (Italy)
  • 2005: Expansion of business activities to include predictive maintenance
  • 2001: Closure of the Joint Venture and buy-back of quotas
    Oilsafe Current Logo
  • 1998: The Joint Venture between Oilsafe, Fluid Tecnica and Argo GmbH was established
  • 1995: Oilsafe was founded
    Oilsafe Original Logo