Power Generation

The power generation sector has always been a sector of reference for OilSafeactivities.

We started working right from the beginning of our company history and we were among the first to have applied concepts of predictive maintenance way back in2005.

We are recognised on the market among the key stakeholders of the major operators of energy production plants and we are able to act as the sole interlocutor for any need relating to the management of oil hydraulic systems within power stations, as we are able to integrate the most typical and continuative maintenance operations with design and executive activities, deriving from those of a systems-related nature.

Activities proposed for the Power Generation sector

  • Filtration systems for spot and off-line activities

  • Maintenance services

  • Pipe flushing systems

  • Oil tank filling, emptying and cleaning

  • Oil condition monitoring

  • Oil analysis and instrument calibration laboratory

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