Webinar: Predictive Maintenance of Oils

Next Wednesday 24 March Oilsafe will have the pleasure to organize a free webinar on the theme: Predictive oil maintenance, with a focus on preventing water and sludge contamination problems, identifying the problem and preparing actions to eliminate it effectively.

The life of components and systems is strongly influenced by the state of the oil. In addition to solid contamination, which is the most known and the most frequent filtration treatment, there are two other types of contamination: water and sludge/varnish.

During the course of the webinar, causes and effects of this type of contaminant will be analyzed, discovering which are the most appropriate techniques and methodologies for their treatment. The presentation of real cases will show how it is possible to restore plant efficiency with significant economic/financial impact.

The presentation will be expounded by Alessandro Campi, founder and CEO of Oilsafe srl with twenty years of experience in oil treatment and control systems and washing systems of complex hydraulic components.