Technical data
Electric Motor Capacity (kW) (With Inverter)90
Pump Type and Flow Rate (l/min)With Radial Pistons, Flow Rate 190
Type of pump controlDigital Control for a Wider Application Range
Max. Pressure (bar)350
Tank Capacity (l)1200
Filtration (µm)3 – 5 - 10
Max oil temperature (°C)35

The automatic distributor test bench proposed can test the manual distributors, on/off and proportional electro-distributors, load-sensing distributors, etc. It can also carry out tests on systems with up to 8 pre-assembled sections and 2 sections being tested simultaneously.

The test bench aims to enable an adequate control of the typical functions and characteristics of distributors, such as:

  • Functional flow tests on the hose inlet connections and inspection to detect any cross leakages.

  • Flow rate check

  • Slider leakage check

  • Tests for switching functionality of the cursors

  • Working pressure tests
  • Pressure tightness tests
  • Checking the electrical switching times
  • Calculation of hysteresis and verification traces in tolerance band
  • Check customer position ON / OFF sensors

Qualitative characteristics of the test bench

  • Contamination control carried out while the machine is operational

  • Leakage measurement system with self-compensating cylinders

  • Self-propelled structure to facilitate connection operations

  • Quick connections with rotating connections

  • Movable trolley to facilitate the movement of the component

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