Technical data
Flow rate (l/min)70
Pressure (bar)5
Viscosity (cSt)400
Max. temperature (°C)70
High retention capacity filter (gr)1000
Suction filter element (µm)From 250 µm, in order to protect the pump
Clogging level warning75% and 100% clogging level warnings shown on electric panel
Noise (dB)52
Reachable levels of contaminationNAS 4
Filtration degree (μm)3 – 5 – 10 (β≥1000)
  • Inverter
  • Heater

  • Contamination control (in accordance with standard ISO4406)

The CAT series trolley-mounted units have been developed based on the experience OilSafe has gained in large plants and in heavy-duty operations. This is why they are suitable both for extemporaneous operations such as periodic filtrations, as well as for more complex operations such as the off-line filtrations of existing plants, in which continuous operation is foreseen.

These units are fitted with high retention capacity filters in order to lengthen maintenance intervals and reduce periods of machine downtime. They are suitable for use in heavy-duty work environments, such as in outdoor areas and also for large amounts of oil to be processed. For such purpose, the inverter and the heater are therefore available as additional elements.

Why choose the OilSafe – CAT system?

  • It is suitable for use as an off-line system for tanks capable of containing up to 500 litres, even with the use of an inverter

  • There is the possibility of special projects involving the integration within a corporate network in accordance with Industry 4.0

  • Perfect for heavy-duty maintenance operations and it adapts well to production plants with several types of hydraulic systems and different sized tanks.

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