Cooling/Thermoregulation systems for Hybrid Units

Technical data
Circulation pump: Inverter circuitFlow rate: 5-10 l/min Max. pressure: 4 bar
Circulation pump: Motor circuitFlow rate: 10-20 l/min Max. pressure: 2 bar
InverterAs for the regulation of the flow rates actually necessary during the various test phases
Filter element (µm)150
Connections for customer data acquisition equipmentNo.2 in the IN zone and No. 2 in the OUT zone.

The water thermoregulation/conditioning system has been especially designed to meet the technical specifications required by automotive sector tests relating to the thermoregulation of water on the test benches.

The fluid pre-heating system, designed and manufactured by OilSafe, makes it possible to thermo-regulate working fluids by means of the direct connection to any hydraulic circuit.

The fluidic management and heat treatment system for oil and the water + glycol mixture of the cooling power unit has the aim of making the fluids of two independent circuits re-circulate: inverter (water + glycol mixture) and motor (oil) cooling.

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