Technical data
Flow rate (l/min)16
Pressure (bar)5
Viscosity (cSt)400
Max. temperature (°C)70
High retention capacity filter (gr)100
Clogging level warningWith optical indicator
Noise (dB)52
Reachable levels of contaminationNAS 4
Filtration degree (μm)3 – 5 – 10 (β≥1000)
  • Contamination control (in accordance with standard ISO4406)

The FOX trolley-mounted filtration unit is intended for the off-line and on-line filtration ofsystems fitted with small to medium capacity tanks. In fact, it is a machine fitted with a 16 l/min pump and it is extremely user-friendly, thanks to its trolley-mounted and very lightweight system, weighing only 24 kg.

The presence of a gear pump made from a special anti-wear alloy makes it suitable for the filtration of slightly viscous and aggressive fluids, such as water-glycol mixtures.

Despite its small size, it is available also in the OPC version with a particle counter in order to carry out the online oil contamination analysis.

Why choose the OilSafe – FOX system?

  • It is suitable as an off-line unit for systems with small tanks, preferably up to 80/100 litres

  • It is suitable for the filtration of water-glycol mixtures

  • It is suitable for low viscosity and non-lubricating oils, thanks to its specially created plastic pump

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