Filling, emptying and cleaning of oil storage tanks with filtration

In each hydraulic and lubrication circuit there is an oil storage tank, in which the lubricant is opportunely conditioned (purified and thermoregulated) prior to it being made available again for further use. Moreover, the construction and installation of new plants can allow the introduction of undesired contaminants into the lubrication/hydraulic system as well as into the relevant piping.

Unless appropriately checked, the problems caused by contamination can result in sudden phenomena of wear and tear following system start-up.

Therefore, OilSafe is capable of carrying our services relating to the filling, emptying and cleaning of oil storage tanks via filtration.

Service methods

  • Off-line filtration of the tank load (emptying via the drain valve, suction of oil using a motor pump – using OilSafe BULL 200 or BULL 500 machinery, the filtration of the fluid and the re-circulation of the same)

  • On-line flushing of the entire lubrication/hydraulic circuit.

The filtration is carried out until the required NAS standard of cleanliness is reached.

The filling, emptying and cleaning of the OilSafe oil storage tanks consists of the co-ordination of the delivery of the lubricant and the decontamination of the new oil, that often does not comply with the levels of cleanliness indicated in the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) specifications, during the decanting from the on-board tanks or storage tank trucks to the lubrication tank.

At the end of the activities, a certificate is issued, to certify that the initial filling load either satisfies or exceeds the OEM specifications.

Functionalities available upon request

The service can be integrated with “ancillary” elements such as: internal cleaning of the oil storage tank, dehumidification and degassing in vacuum technology.

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