Technical data
Flow rate (l/min)500 - 4000
Viscosity (cSt)10 - 220
Maximum pipe cross-section measurement3” – 6”
Type of wash pumpThey have up to 6 screw pumps
Operating pressure (bar)25
Internal tank capacityThey have a flow rate twice the power of that of the system
Weight (Kg)4500
Dimensions (LxWxH)3000 x 2400 x 3000
  • Up to 45 kW with the inverter

OilSafe flushing systems are designed and studied to perform the flushing and cleaning of the hydraulic and lubrication circuits, in order to limit the presence of contaminants. This operation is absolutely necessary when changing pipes in an existing system, when installing pipes in a system or in a machine/engine or when changing the load with new and /or a different type oil with regards to that previously used.

The goal of a specific flushing machine is to achieve those process parameters, more specifically the flow rate, which, in combination with other fluid characteristics, such as viscosity and operating temperature, make it possible to achieve the ideal Reynolds number with regard to the application and the sizes of the pipes in question.

Why choose an OilSafe flushing system?

  • It carries out on-board thermoregulation

  • The unit is equipped with a touch screen for the control and management of flushing flow rates, temperature and fluid contamination levels.

  • The system allows to monitor theflow rates of the various fluid supply lines

  • The system allows to choose a configuration in line with the customer's technical specifications

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