Technical data
Servo valvescon relativa scheda di gestione in loop chiuso
Force adjustment (Kg)500 – 50.000
Tank (l)1500
Working flow rate (l/min )500
Degree of filtrationda 5 μm assoluti (β5≥1000) in mandata e filtro off-line da 3 μm assoluti (β3≥1000)
Inspection performancein loop chiuso
Max. working pressure (bar)220

The power units are capable of carrying out verification tests and checks with the advancement carriage in a closed loop position and a force control always in a closed loop of the press cylinder.

These can generate power for industrial applications, and they are capable of making cylinders, valves, reduction gearboxes and many other items.

  • With a relative management card in a closed loop

  • as from 5 μm absolute (β5≥1000) on the delivery side and on the off-line filter side as from 3 μm absolute (β3≥1000)

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