Technical data
Oil Storage Tank Capacity (l)1800
Off-line Motor-Pump Unit (kW) - (l/min) - (bar)9 - 350 - 5
MF1 Axis Characteristics – Low Power - Max. Q (l/min) - Max. P (bar) - (kW) Motor30 - 350 - 15
MF2 axis characteristics – Medium Power - Max. Q (l/min) - Max. P (bar) - (kW) Motor100 - 350 - 90
MF3 Axis Characteristics – High Power - Max. Q (l/min) - Max. P (bar) - (kW) Motor150 - 350 - 75
Max. Oil Pressure of Motor being Tested (bar)350
Installed capacity (kW)320
Degree of Off-line Filtration (μm)5

The orbital motor test bench has been designed with a single power unit and with three independent test heads, capable of covering the entire range of products to be tested.

Specific characteristics

  • Carrying out of tests in either an automatic or a manual mode

  • An energy recovery system via an electric motor, fitted with an inverter directly feeding energy online

  • A bench with three independent stations

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