Technical data
Max. flushing unit flow rate (l/min)Over 48
Max. flushing unit pressure (bar)20
Max. emptying unit flow rate (l/min)Over 56
Max. emptying unit pressure (bar)10
Installed capacity (kW)34
Max. viscosity (cSt)400
OptionalOil pre-heating unit for contamination control unit

The flushing and contamination monitoring bench makes it possible to carry out effective cleaning inside reduction gearboxes.

The system enables the removal of contamination factors deriving from the manipulation and processing of components to be integrated as well as their assembly throughout the several phases of the construction process. While verifying the quality of the flushing carried out, the oil production process is checked and analysed by means of solid particle reading system, the analysis will provide a numerical value in accordance with the ISO 4406-99 standard.

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