Technical data
Tank capacity: (l)40
T max (°C)90
Oil pump flow rate (for line 1 brake unit activation): (l/min)6
Oil pump flow rate (for line 2) clamping unit: (l/min)2
Installed capacity: (kW)3
Max. pressure: (bar)150
Oil viscosity: (cSt)32 – 68
Braking system filtration: (µm)10
Clamping system filtration: (µm)10
SensorsLoad measurements, linear displacement measurements, pressure measurements
Data acquisition systemNational Instruments CompactRio system, real-time data acquisition, Touch screen operator interface

The signalling sector test bench. By means of the hydraulic simulation system, the test bench simultaneously tests the stroke achieved, the load value applied as well as the manoeuvre time of certain conditions in terms of voltage, power supply and line resistance. The line resistance will vary between 0 and 50 Ohm, depending on the technical specifications of the tests required.

The test bench will be able to supply the railway exchange control systems with adjustable alternating voltage ranging between 0 and 400 V at 50 Hz (though the connection with an external frequency converter, the possibility to provide a power supply also at 60 Hz).

Measurements carried out during tests

  • Load simulation pressure

  • Load simulation cylinder position

  • Force applied during simulation

  • Railway exchange control systems supply voltage

  • Railway exchange control systems power supply absorption

  • Verification that a manoeuvre has actually been performed via the micro railway exchange control systems.

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