Technical data
Electric motor power (kW)0,25 + 0,25
Delivery line oil filtration (μm)6
Max. oil temperature (°C)70
Recovery pump oil flow rate (l/m)8
Delivery pump oil flow rate (l/m)6
Max. oil pressure (bar)15
Recovery line oil filtration (μm)6
Oil tank capacity24
Viscosity (cSt)5 - 32

This example has been installed in a power plant in Central America.

The highly aggressive environment made it necessary to use special varnishes for the marine environment, in addition to the construction material made of AISI304 stainless steel. This is a high pressure control unit that supplies the cylinders that make the butterfly valves move. In order to avoid plant shutdowns, the control unit is equipped with a redundant system capable of enabling itself, guaranteeing its operability in the event that the main circuit encounters any operating anomalies.

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