Technical data
Flow rate (l/min)75
Pressure (bar)5
Viscosity (cSt)100
Filtration degree (μm)1 - 3 - 10
Oil temperature range (°C)5-100
Maximum absorbed power (KW)9
Standard coolingAir – oil
Optional coolingRefrigeration + heat recovery
Filter accumulation capacity (Kg)8 - 96
  • Contamination control
  • Number of barrels: between 6 and 24

The decontamination systems designed and manufactured by OilSafe, enable the decontamination of lubricating fluids from:

  • Varnish, harmful during the control and lubrication phases on rotating machines, such as turbines and centrifugal compressors

  • Solid particulate matter

  • Cracked residues

  • Oxidation and fluid deterioration by-products, present as suspended matter and/or dispersed in the fluid itself

Thanks to its high filtration and varnish elimination capacities, the fluid decontamination unit can be used in a wide range of situations.
It is capable of keeping the decontamination process under control via the use of clogging indicators. Moreover, it is fitted with an oil collection tank and a practical suction and delivery system.

Why choose the OilSafe – Varnish system?

  • Its functionality is tested by OilSafe maintenance technicians

  • It does not alter the characteristics of the oil following the processing activities, thanks to its low-voltage operation

  • It can also be used for filtration activities

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