Technical data
Flow rate (l/min)2060150
Pressure (bar)555
Viscosity (cSt)550550550
Condensate tank (l)1044
Volume of oil to be processed (l)30001000025000

Dehumidification and Filtration Unit

The WOPS dehumidification system has been specially designed to separate fluid lubricants from aqueous and gaseous contamination and to remove solid contaminants from the fluid to be processed.

The models available enable the rapidly-performed, cost-efficient processing of a wide range of fluid volumes, from 300 l to over 25,000 l.

The presence of water in the oil may lead to

  • Accelerated corrosion

  • Reduced duration of the bearings

  • The accelerated oxidation of the oil

  • A variation of the viscosity

Why choose the OilSafe – WOPS system?

  • Hydraulic system maintenance is not necessary thanks to a liquid ring vacuum pump

  • It can also be used as a filtration unit

  • It has a range of flow rates of up to 150 litres

  • Special applications can be used in Industry 4.0 and with an intelligent system to reduce its use only when strictly necessary

  • Special applications are available for use with diathermic oils (other applications can be studied ad hoc)

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