Water removal

When there is a sudden intake of water or other similar contaminants, the duration of the equipment and the productive capacity is at risk. The presence of a high content of contaminants, for a prolonged period, can seriously jeopardise the capacity of a lubricant to protect the components of value that the plant is equipped with.

OilSafe enables the prompt removal of contaminants from the lubrication systems, in order to reduce the risk of serious damage being caused to the components, while keeping production activities up and running.

The purification of oil from water, carried out by means of the WOPS system designed and manufactured by OilSafe, is based on the principle of low temperature water distillation, in an environment in which the absolute pressure is brought up to -0.8/-0.9 bar by means of a vacuum pump. The system is particularly suitable for all those activities in which a reduction of the water content in oil is required, below the saturation point (a parameter provided by the oil manufacturer).

The separation of water is often foreseen in order to support the normal filtration and cleaning activities of oil storage tanks, especially if these operations have not been carried out for a long time. In fact, it often happens that, downstream from the oil analyses carried out prior to the commencement of the activities, the necessary contamination requirements cannot be achieved due to the presence of water beyond the permitted limits.

OilSafe has a machine fleet suitable to deal with several sizes of oil storage tanks, ranging between hundreds of litres to 30 m3 and beyond. Moreover, the machine is fitted with a 3 μm filter, in order to allow only clean oil to enter the oil storage tank. Because of this, the machine is also often used for filtering purposes. The water sensor is situated in parallel with the suction pump, so as to continuously verify the water content in the oil storage tank and to stop the process properly when the values have returned within normal levels.

The process of removing water from the fluid is always supported by pre- and post-treatment internal laboratory tests, in order to validate the activity performed.

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