OilSafe and its Cleanliness Cabinet arrive in Germany

The magazine Quality Engineering, connected to the CONTROL exhibition (postponed to 2021), to whom we should exhibit this year, writes a specific article about our components contamination analysis and cleaning system, Cleanliness Cabinet.

The system is defined as equivalent of a white room, which cannot only analyse, but also issues, in independent mode, a certificate for the components cleaning analysis according to ISO16232, ISO18413, and VDA19 norms. In the full option version, the machine integrates 3 systems: the contaminant extraction, the drying and the analysis by optical microscope. Despite the cancellation of CONTROL Messe, as the other events at this time, we have already confirmed our attendance to the 2021 edition.

The new machine, after the COVID 19 lockdown, is now almost ready for functional tests performing. However, we need to highlight the machine without microscope is already available and it is equivalent in terms of hydraulic circuit performances to the new one, now under development. Therefore, it is capable to carry out functional test, recommended by mentioned norms for all assembled components with at least one inlet and one outlet. This machine is located in our internal laboratory where we can perform tests and release the ISO16232/VDA19 certifications.

To the article: https://quality-engineering.industrie.de/top-news/news-produkte/pruefsystem-von-oilsafe-ersetzt-laboranalysen/