High-pressure systems for pipe cleaning

The pipe cleaning system designed and manufactured by OilSafe, enables the decontamination and internal cleaning of hydraulic circuits in order to remove rust and deposits of particulate matter inside the pipes, capable of acting as catalysts for the oxidative reactions of the lubricant and could lead to failures of and/or factors of wear and tear on lubricated components, due to the detachment of solid particulate matter.

How the OilSafe service works

  1. Through a dual re-circulation and filtration system, the oil is introduced into the circuits under pressure, extracted from the dedicated oil storage tank and filtered before being injected again onto the inner walls of the oil storage tank.

  2. Advancing auto rotary probes –adjustable up to 1500 bar – inject oil at high pressure, via a multi-functional jet, capable of facilitating the detachment of rust and deposits on the walls of the pipes.

  3. The vaporisation of the oil, that takes place inside the pipes, following the action carried out by the high pressure jets on the walls, facilitates the detachment of rust and deposits of particulate matter on the inner walls of the pipes.

  4. The same activity, performed at the end of internal cleaning operations, allows the passivation of internal surfaces to be carried out, by means of the corrosion inhibitors present in the lubricating turbine used for the activity.

When compared to decontamination methods that foresee only flushing activities carried out with fluid in a turbulent flow, the OilSafe system makes it possible to obtain a substantial reduction of the overall times required to perform the activity. By using the OilSafe systems it is possible to carry out an effective, quick and complete elimination of oxidation residues from the inner surfaces of pipes.

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