Hydraulic oil flushing, filtration and lubrication

The service relating to the purification from solid and/or soft particles foresees the off-line connection/in-tank dialysis of high-flow mobile filtration units, fitted with high-retention capacity filtering elements (from 1 to 10 µm absolute). The removal of particulate by means of the OilSafe filtration unit and the consequent monitoring of the levels of contamination, will make it possible to establish a starting point for the following inspections and in-depth assessments, to be carried out during the course of the normal operation of the machine.

The specialised portable units manufactured by OilSafe make it possible to carry out several operations on polluted oil.

Operations that can be performed on polluted oil

  • Decanting and filtration during the filling stages

  • Filtration during the operational stage of the plant

  • Replacement depending on its condition of wear and tear

The OilSafe systems are capable of ensuring an optimal cleanliness of the system,in accordance with the specifications of the ISO 4406 and SAE AS4059 standards (that replaced NAS 1638) in order to obtain a suitable functioning of machines and plants. On-line/off-line decontaminations can be carried out, as necessary, so as to reach a certain level of cleanliness of the oil in the tank.

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