Technical data
Max. flow rate (l/min)Up to 180
Max. pressure (bar)6
Installed Capacity (kW)3
Pipes Being Processed1 (different diameter nozzles depending on the function of the working pipe)
Filtering Elements (µm)5 – 10 – 15
FiltrationOn-line and Off-line

The flushing systems have been designed to enable the best internal cleaning of rigid and flexible pipes. The strength of this equipment is to be able to provide, by means of a simple structure that is both extremely easy to use and manage, a very high, excellently filtered flow rate of fluid that is capable of operating highly efficiently with large diameter pipes.

In order to make the system flexible to use, in addition to the pneumatically-controlled pipe tightening head with interchangeable adjustment cones and pockets, it also has an air-hydraulic gun that is suitable for the rapid flushing of small-diameter pipes.

The filtering operation is carried out on-line during the flushing phases and off-line during the intervals and stand-by phases. This method makes it possible to make the most of the high-efficiency of the filter.

Upon concluding the flushing activities, an air blowing cycle to efficiently empty the pipe can be activated. The actual extent of the emptying will depend on the diameter/length of the pipe being flushed and the air flow rate available.

Optional features available

  • Customised filtering system

  • Dual manifold to flush pipes with a reverse flow. Improved dirt removal in close proximity to the inner ridge between the insert (connection) and the internal diameter of the pipe without having to invert the pipe coupling to the manifold

  • Electrical/electronic management system of the equipment with the possibility to have recipes that can be stored with testing time settings according to the different types of pipes to be flushed.

  • Air-hydraulic gun for the rapid flushing of pipes (small and medium-sized diameters).

  • Cycle activation with manually-set flushing and air blowing emptying timers.

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