The flushing of pipes is an increasingly popular operation that is required by the manufacturers of self-propelled systems or machines. This is an additional operation that is very often avoided as it may have a significant impact on the final price, especially on very small production batches.

However, in the world today, the request for clean components is steadily increasing and at times, the ability to be able to meet the needs of ever-more demanding customers, represents an added value that can positively affect the possibility to increase one’s customer base.

To this end, OilSafe, in addition to possessing standard flushing systems, capable of meeting the needs in any case of professional customers, it also develops large and medium-sized series of dedicated systems designed so as to make sure the flushing process has little impact on the total cost of the product. These are almost always failsafe systems with a high degree of automation, that can easily be integrated into the Industry 4.0-basedcorporate network.

Characteristics of customised OilSafe flushing benches

  • Manufactured according to the customers’ needs and technical specifications

  • Possibility to create completely automated solutions for high production values and to minimise flushing process costs

  • Integrated contamination control in accordance with standard ISO4406/NAS1638

  • Pipe sizes up to 4”

  • Possibility to integrate acceptance and leakage tests into the same test bench in order to optimise the production process

  • Dedicated software with the possibility to create recipes and to be integrated into the Industry 4.0-based corporate network

For further technical details on the flushing process and pipe flushing characteristics, click here.

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