Recovery of oil due to leakages and spillages

It is often impossible either to repair or immediately check for leakages of lubricant, especially in cases of critical systems where downtime could result in a significant economic loss.

In these cases, if the oil spillage is appropriately collected and put in an isolated area, it is possible to bring it back to an acceptable level of contamination in order to allow its re-use.

OilSafe solves the problem and it enables the on-site purification of the customer’s oil. The activity is typically carried out on the lubricant spillage that has been collected in storage tanks or in an isolated area of the plant.

When leakages on pipes and connections is reported, the plant is stopped in order to reset the working pressure to zero. Subsequently, the OilSafe technicians work on the connections and check for any breakages, restoring the oil in accordance with the customer’s specifications.

The first and second stage filtration, centrifugal separation and dehumidification in vacuum technology and ultrafiltration follow. After this, the plant is re-tested and work is resumed.

When the work is over, the results are documented and the oil to be re-used is certified, in order to ensure that the re-processed lubricant is suitable for subsequent use in the application.

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