Revision, cleaning and flushing of valves and servo valves

The revision, cleaning and flushing of valves and servovalves is usually carried out on the hydraulic test bench. The valves are disassembled from the circuit, mounted and then tested on a test bench, designed and manufactured by Oilsafe. The verification of the required parameters is carried out by a PC, replicating as same conditions as in operation.

The oil is heated up to about 60 ° C and, when oil and temperature are suitable, the hydraulic valve is connected to the data acquisition system, then the valve is moved to capture the opening and closing values of the valve by software.

At the end, the results, the generated graphs and the conditions of the valve are evaluated to verify any improvement from beginning to the end of the test. In this way, it is possible to verify the behavior of the valve and realize if any of the parameter under control, like leakages, speed and other technical features, as max pressure and flow rate, are in line with technical specifications of manufacturer.

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