Varnish, lacquer and oil sludge removal

The presence of varnish or the accumulation of carbon residues inside the lubrication system may considerably reduce the performance and productivity of the system itself.

When the presence of varnish is encountered in the system, it is necessary to decontaminate the lubricant and to flush the lubrication circuit in order to remove the contaminant associated with lacquers, oil sludge and sub-micron carbon residues.

By means of special portable units designed and manufactured by OilSafe, the fluid polluted by colloidal elements (oil sludge, lacquers, varnishes) can be processed in several ways.

Operations that can be performed on a polluted flow

  • Decanting and adsorption during the emptying and filling stages

  • Adsorption via the off-line circuit created on-board tanks or storage tank trucks.

  • Adsorption via the off-line circuit during the inner cleaning of lubrication and regulation circuits as well as oil storage tanks.

  • Adsorption via the off-line circuit created on-board the oil storage tank, then the system filling operation as well as the prior activation of the hydraulic or lubrication circuits.

  • Adsorption during the working stage of the system.

The OilSafedecontamination skid are equipped with high retention capacity filter (from 3 to 10 mm absolute), capable of ensuring an optimal cleaning of the system, in conformity with specifications of ISO 4406 and NAS 1638 standards. The high retention capacity electro-kinetic adsorption systems are used to treat sub-micron colloidal particles (sized less than 3 mm) by using filters consisting of diatomaceous earth (mud that finely filter the sediments present in the oil, capable of withholding 1-0.8 mm). On-line/off-line decontaminations can be carried out, as necessary, so as to reach a certain level of cleanliness of the oil in the tank, following the performance of the NAS analysis required.

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